Origin of Reality Rally

Reality Rally in Temecula Valley was a seed planted in my heart after I was booted from my game of “Survivor” in Gabon. During my 5 hour walks in the jungle and on the beaches I came to realize that my game was not over. My game would continue through all the good I would now have to opportunity to do using my “Survivor Status” as a platform. I had a passion and drive to get on Survivor for 8 years because I wanted to do it and I did. I now put the same passion and determination into “Reality Rally" because I need to and will. I heard Edmund Burke say “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little” and what I do will only be “my little” but “my little” combined with yours will amount to a huge, generous donation of time, energy and funds.

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Michelle's Place

Let’s Honor Her Life and the Courage of All Like Her

The tears still involuntarily flow at the thought of Michelle’s passing; but from the "pool of tears" has come a mission of service to make it better for others touched by this unrelenting disease. Family, friends, and the community have come together and created a mission to serve our community. Her parents say that more than once they have wished the treatment would have started sooner. But bitter disappointment must be given up and replaced with positive action. Michelle needed a resource center where she could go for help in coping with her challenges. Her parents, family and friends have started one in her memory so others will have an opportunity to get the help they need — it is called Michelle’s Place.

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Reality Rally Executive Director Team and Board of Directors

Meet the Volunteer Executive Team. We lead the Reality Rally Production Team of 80 volunteers and over 400 volunteers for the weekend.. Without their skills, passion and know-how this event could not happen.