Ben Waterworth & My Survivor Dream

The far reaching Ripples of Reality Rally reach over the ocean,to Australia.

Ben Waterworth & My Survivor Dream

Back in the year 2000 like a large portion of the world's TV audience, I got hooked on a little TV show called Survivor. This thing called 'reality tv' and it's interesting dynamics of realism, characters and competition amazed me and drew me in to something that almost seemed like sport without the sport. I was enthralled and never looked back. Over the 11 year history of the show, I never missed a single episode, fell in love with characters and despised others, and continued conversations with friends, family and even strangers about this amazing show. And although the show may have waned slightly from it's initial booming popularity at the turn of the century, my passion and love for it never did and I remained as hooked on it as I was right back during season 1. And as somebody in the media, it was a deep felt dream for me to somehow get involved in the world of Survivor and make an effort to hear stories from the people who make the show so memorable: the castaways. I had one thing standing in my way: the Pacific Ocean. As somebody living on 'the other side of the World' in Australia, it remained difficult to trully become connected with these people all the way in the United States.

And despite my long wanting need to really connect with these people, I never got round to pursuing an interview of any sort with the castways until a chance meeting with a trully gifted and passionate castaway changed my luck. Season 17 cast off Gillian Larson, who embodies all things passionate and glorius about the show that helped make a name for herslef, contacted me in regards to doing an interview with her about her time on the show and the magnificent Reality Rally competition that she organises. Well this was an opportunity too good to let go! After some initial hiccups in organising a time, we finally had our chat, and it was one of the best intereview I had ever managed to do! For close to 30 minutes I sat enthralled with the real world stories of Survivor and stuff that I never thought I would find out and never would've had I not had this chance. And Gillian being pretty much the coolest 'grandma' figure on the planet made the interview all the more great, not only for myself but for the millions of Survivor fans down under who only ever get to see what they show on TV. And from then on in it's been a snowball effect into great interviews and a weekly segment on my Friday morning breakfast show The Brink. In an Australian Radio exclusive we have heard from 16 castaways and counting, including three different winners and some of the most well known characters the show has ever produced. And it keeps expanding, with the segment eventuating into it's own spin-off show starting very very soon. This will allow me a whole hour a week to air interviews, the latest news from the show as well as looking back at classic moments that have made Survivor one of the biggest TV shows in the history of TV. And it's all thanks to one lady who seemingly has a knack for helping others and creating events that are for the greater good with no personal gain involved for herself. So I can easily say get behind Reality Rally and everything it stands for, as Gillian Larson certainly is a magnificent individual who is on the path for even greater things. She may not have left Survivor with $1 million, but she certainly has left a long standing impact on the hearts and minds of many people right around the world.

Ben Waterworth

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Ben Waterworth
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