chelsea-arthursChelsea Arthurs - The Biggest Loser

Chelsea Arthurs of Raleigh, NC was a contestant on The Biggest Loser (Season 15).

Chelsea had struggled with her weight since she was 15 years old. "My parents went through a tough divorce and my dad suffered from addiction issues, and that is when I really started to turn to food for comfort and did a lot of emotional eating. Prior to that, I was very active in cheerleading and softball and was a fit and active child and young teenager."


By graduation, Chelsea was nearing 200 lbs and continued to gain in her college years. At 28 years old, Chelsea was suffering from high blood pressure, joint and back pain.

"I was still using food as my "drug" to deal with my emotions. It was not a fun place to be at all and at 241 lbs, I had hit rock bottom."

Convinced by her best friend to audition for The Biggest Loser, Chelsea saw an opportunity to change her life and stop spiraling out of control. She lost 95 pounds while on the show and is continuing to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. "I finally have become the woman that I ALWAYS wanted to be and feel that my "outside" now reflects who I am "inside." I'm excited to have this second chance at my life and to live a healthy lifestyle because there is so much to live for."

melanie-finchMelanie Finch - Hell's Kitchen

Melanie Finch is a Los Angeles native who grew up in Woodland Hills,CA. Melanie attended Culinary School in Pasadena. Her first job was washing dishes at a burger joint at the age of 16. Melanie worked her way up the industrial ladder as she jumped from washing dishes to hosting to waitressing to eventually ending up in the kitchen. Her passion for food and cooking drove her into some of the finest kitchens in Los Angeles. She has worked in over 10 restaurants and is one of the youngest, yet most talented chefs out there. Melanie spends her free time frequenting her local farmers markets searching for the freshest seasonal produce. Melanie, 26 years old, is currently working as a Chef at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey. The hotel just opened their new restaurant "Cast & Plow", which is a local community made restaurant that has the most exquisite local ingredients straight from the farm to the table. Melanie is known for her appearance on Hells Kitchen season 12 where she came in 3rd place.


chris-wallaceChris Wallace - Capture

Chris Wallace was a competitor on the one and only season of CW's capture as a member of the gold team. Two good old boys from a small town in Oregon trying to show the world what we can do.


Ever since he was young, Chris has been a competitor. Starting at age 6 playing basketball and then finding anything and everything to play and compete in up to this very day. He has recently had two of his very close friends diagnosed with AML which has heightened his awareness of leukemia and all other forms of cancer and is trying to find ways to spread the word and beat it! Outgoing, confident, athletic, and competitive are the ways that most people would describe Chris, and also a big heart and compassionate. Let's do this, reality rally!!

jon-weissJon Weiss "The Clowns" - The Amazing Race

Jon Weiss is "The Host with the Most" at the animal free, California's own Circus Vargas. But one of his biggest accomplishments is racing around the world for one million dollars on the CBS Emmy Award winning show The Amazing Race, where Jon and his fellow partner Al Rios, aka "The Clowns" came in fourth place, actually making it all around the world!


kass-mcquillenKass McQuillen - Survivor Cagayan

Due to a work assignment Kass is unable to attend Reality Rally but she is still raising funds for Michelle's Place. Thank you Kass. Your heart is in the right place for sure.

Kass McQuillen, known to Survivor fans as "Chaos Kass" was the controversial rabble-rousing third place finisher on Survivor Cagayan. Kass is a true Survivor fan having never missed an episode to date and is still in awe that she got to play the game she loves.


When Kass is not on an island making men speak in tongues she resides in Tehachapi, California with her husband, Mark McQuillen, seven year old daughter, Sarah, and a variety of pets. She and her family live "off the grid" with no ties to public utilities. Their home and water well run solely from a solar and wind power system her husband Mark installed himself.

Kass is a small town attorney with her own law firm handling what she calls "Door Law" – whatever walks in the door that is interesting and pays. She won the largest first trial judgment in California history on her first case with no courtroom experience yet she has worked in trade for everything from a dog to a porta potty. She also volunteers as a consultant on consumer matters for Greater Bakersfield Legal Aid, volunteers in her daughter's first grade classroom, and coaches youth basketball for the local parks and recreation district.

Every November and December Kass works for her mother's exotic animal ranch, Windswept Ranch, bringing teams of live reindeer to events throughout California. Her Survivor application video included a large reindeer, a camel, and an emu – all animals she works with at the ranch.

Kass is a Navy Seabee veteran having served 12 years in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve as a heavy equipment operator. She put herself through college at Humboldt State University using the G.I. Bill and later worked full-time while attending law school at night to avoid college loans.

Kass is interested in supporting Reality Rally in particular since her mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Kass is happy to report her mother-in-law is a true survivor and healthy and in remission thanks to proper diagnosis and a great medical team.

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