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    In order to fully appreciate the amazing event Reality Rally has become, you must know the story. How did an event of this magnitude spring from the depth of disappointment. Why do over 100 Reality Stars from over 30 TV shows flock to Temecula every April. What draws over 600 volunteers to participate and make it what it is. Why do our amazing Sponsors help provide almost everything we eat, read, listen to, play and enjoy at prime venues throughout the town of Temecula California. What encourages the Temecula organizations to be the Challenge Checkpoints in the Amazing Race type game.

    I applied for Survivor for 8 years, was ready and prepared to play for 39 days and love every minute of it but played for only 6 days. Little did I know as my Survivor flame was snuffed out the flame of Reality Rally was being ignited. Saddened and disappointed I read a secreted message in my luxury item book from my daughter which read " This is not over, something much greater is ahead of you." Sequestered in the jungle of Gabon it struck a chord. What did it all mean, perhaps the root of the passion to get on and the reason for being booted so soon was in my hands and Reality Rally started forming. Celebrities, Charity, City of Temecula became my "Fun for Funds" idea. I had read Michelle Watson's story,, and knew that this was the cause I would support with the same passion I had for Survivor. I just knew Reality Stars would like to have an opportunity to do good with their "fame". I just knew Temecula would embrace an event that would bring in money and exposure from all over the world due to the Reality Star following. I formed my event tag line " Nobody makes a greater mistake, than he who did nothing because he could only do a little " Edmund Burke. This was the seed I knew would germinate and grow as Reality Rally. I just knew that many would want to do their "little" and just need that vehicle to do it.
    That seed planted in my heart, started with an idea, a budget of zero and no funding and due to a Production Team of 48, over 600 people, hundreds of Reality Stars and my supportive family, we all make it happen. Reality Rally has become a premier Reality Star event, it is one of Temecula's most attended events bringing in money from over 16 countries and every one of the 50 States. It attracts people who want to do "a little" from all 50 States and approx 512 cities around the world to play, party, sponsor, donate and volunteer. Hundreds of Reality Stars coming from over 30 shows have raised funds and attended without compensation and not to forget our famous Canine Stars, the So Cal Surf Dogs. is watched in over 96 countries and talked about in 46 languages. How does one explain the involvement and excitement......all involved know it is " passion, belief and an honest interest in others". I devote endless hours a week to this passion, I do not draw a salary and am in awe at how it all comes together.
    This is a truly a weekend of "Fun for Funds", we all have the "Fun" and Michele's Place clients receive the "Funds". I bow to all who have made my "jungle vision" such an awesome reality and my amazing husband and family who support me all the way.

    Gillian. Survivor Gabon

     The Ripples of Reality Rally. 

    You can only see yourself in the reflection of still water but to have an impact on others one must drop a stone into that water and create ripples that reach out far and wide and touch who knows who and who knows when.
    I saw myself in the reflection in the quiet of my mind during my sequester off Survivor until the idea of Reality Rally came to me. This thought and subsequent ideas that formed were the first stones dropped that became a ripple and another and another off of Reality Rally.
    The resulting ripples are what I envisioned for Reality Rally. I could see how by involving anyone who would see the passion, feel the inspiration and want to be part of something that could enhance themselves and provide a platform for doing good, would create ripples of effect that would come to pass and it has. I will share stories in our blog highlighting those ripples that have reached out and made a difference. These stories are amazing and we are so blessed to have had a vehicle to bring these stories to life for your enjoyment.
    If readers have a story to tell of how being involved in Reality Rally has enhanced their lives please email them to
    Join Reality Rally and be one of our ripples.

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